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The Adolf Factor

After hearing from his daughter an anecdote related to a child named Benito, Stefano decides to get a Hitler-style mustache, which will bring trouble to work and family.


Title: The Adolf Factor

Year of production: 2017

Release date: April 30, 2019

Runtime: 13m

Genre: Drama

Original language: Italian

Country of production: Italy


Director: Luigi Il Grande

Screenplay: Luigi Il Grande
Producer: Luigi Il Grande
Editor: Luigi Il Grande
Film Score: Luigi Il Grande


Stefano Stagno


Giuseppe Pollicina

Dott. Rigamonti

Graziella Scilipoti


Adriano Russo


Rakele Il Grande


"Original and far from predictable"​

– BlackBird Film Festival, New York

"Different from any film of simialr topic"​

– BlackBird Film Festival, New York



  • The original title of The Adolf Factor was supposed to be Beyond Hitler
  • The release date of The Adolf Factor, April 30th, corresponds to the date of death of Adolf Hitler.
  • The Adolf Factor is set in the same universe of Pendrive, the previous short film by the same director: while in The Adolf Factor Dr. Rigamonti is the head of an important company, in Pendrive you can see him in his dirty business. Plus, you can hear B from Pendrive on the phone in the opening scene of The Adolf Factor.
  • The first draft of the script had all the scenes in chronological sequence, with the first scene (then deleted) featuring Eva talking to a friend of her on the phone about how the family needed Stefano’s promotion.
  • The fact that Stefano’s character has the same actor’s name was a coincidence.
  • The wife was named Eva by the writer because that was Hitler’s wife’s name.
  • Before casting Stefano Stagno, the role of Stefano should have been interpreted by the director himself.

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