A painter in the throes of a creative block finds inspiration thanks to a fascinating and mysterious gallery owner, but he can't expect the shocking consequences of their encounter.

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Title: Untitled
Year of production: 2019
Release date: 7 Ottobre 2022
Runtime: 12m
Genre: Noir
Original language: Italian
Country of production: Italy
Production Company Vivi la vita srl
Location: Royal Space Rome

Featuring music by Two Feet and Underbelly


Director: Luigi Il Grande
Screenplay: Luigi Il Grande
Producer: Nando Moscariello, Maria Grazia Cucinotta
First Assistant Director: Moira Cerasia
Executive Creative Producer: Luca Masci
Script Editor: Paula Boschi
Director of Photography: Luigi Il Grande
Sound: Samuele Pallottini, Chiara Di Lazzaro
Film Editor: Luigi Il Grande


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