B is an orphan girl who grew up with a boss of the underworld, P. It’s the job of her and V, a henchman, to retrieve a pen drive stolen from P that contains files on his dirty dealings before it is handed over to the police.


Title: Pendrive

Year of Production: 2016

Release date: October 23, 2016

Runtime: 11m

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Original language: Italian

Country of Production: Italy


Director: Luigi Il Grande

Screenplay: Luigi Il Grande

Producer: Luigi Il Grande

Editor: Luigi Il Grande


Delia Fraumeni


Ivan Bertolami


Giuseppe Pollicina




  • The first title had included the article, so it was "The Pendrive"

  • The script given to the actor who played P didn't include the last scene. His reaction is authentic.

  • In the first version of the screenplay, the content of the pen drive wasn't supposed to be discovered

  • All the characters' names are the initial letters of the corresponding actor. The only exception is V, because "I" (the actor's name is Ivan) didn't sound good in Italian.

  • In the B's monologue at the end, she's at the center of the shot. At her left, there's the complex architecture of the building that represents her complex past, at her right the sunset, representing the liberty in her future.

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English subtitles available

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